Control unit for automatic feeders, with top opening and available in different sizes. Includes PVC inlet bushing for tube (3 diameters available) and PVC outlet cone (2 sizes available).

Made of 304 stainless steel.

Including: Universal box + Limit stop + Input bushing + Output PVC cone

Ref. consult measurements

  • Inlet Ø5,5cm | Outlet Ø7,5cm | Ref.000.014.575 | (21,5cm x 28,5cm x 29,5cm)
  • Inlet Ø7,5cm | Outlet Ø7,5cm | Ref.000.014.775 | (21,5cm x 21,5cm x 29,5cm)
  • Inlet Ø9cm | Outlet Ø7,5cm | Ref.000.014.975 | (21,5cm x 21,5cm x 29,5cm)
  • Inlet Ø5,5cm | Outlet Ø9cm | Ref.000.014.590 | (21,5cm x 21,5cm x 32,5cm)
  • Inlet Ø7,5cm | Outlet Ø9cm | Ref.000.014.790 | (21,5cm x 21,5cm x 32,5cm)
  • Inlet Ø9cm | Outlet Ø9cm | Ref.000.014.990 | (21,5cm x 21,5cm x 32,5cm)
  • Available in different sizes
  • Modular system
  • Easy installation
  • All elements included

Input bushing diameter options:

  • Ø55
  • Ø75
  • Ø90

PVC outlet cone diameter options:

  • Ø75
  • Ø90


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