This system offers all the necessary elements to provide a well distributed airflow inside the building: An integral 2.4x2x0.4m cooling module complete with all the water distribution system and 150mm thick evaporative pad. A high performance fan and a diffuser with adjustable louvers to adjust the incoming air flow inside the building. A control panel to regulate operation. The Airflow system is available in two models, one electric and the other with solar panels, an option designed for farms that do not have a connection to electricity.



  • No installation required
  • No work required
  • Adaptable to existing windows
  • 15 cm thick high performance evaporative cooling pad
  • With fan and deflector included
  • Diffuser to direct the air with airtight seal
  • Cooling capacity 20,000 m3/h
  • Control panel
  • Compact model
  • No installation required


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