This system is designed to cover long lengths of wall. The model has been improved and perfected with the experience of more than 15 years, to offer a robust and durable product. Porinox is the only manufacturer that delivers the lower channel in a single piece, made entirely of stainless steel, without joints or gaskets. This guarantees an operation without water loss due to possible expansions.

The tank containing the pump is integrated in the lower channel, so there is no need for auxiliary tanks or water collection systems.


  • Double external flow regulation
  • Water tank integrated in the module
  • Purge valve for cleaning the irrigation tube
  • Highly reliable and durable pump
  • One-piece tray
  • Water distribution system with tube 4cm
  • 20cm wall separation
  • 10cm evaporative cellulose panel
  • Available in three different widths and heights
  • Disassembled Shipping


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