Ecosystem is a fully automated dry feeding system. It allows to create, parameterize and distribute recipes for pig weaning. Recipes can be assigned by valve, farm zone or whole farm. The system allows the products to be mixed directly as they are transported to the destination, varying the dosing rate of each silo. This process does not require a stove or feed mixer, making it more economical.


We explain it all in our Porfeed / Ecosystem Multiphase Feeding video!


Editing and creating recipes with different types of feed brings numerous benefits for both the animal and the professional.

Reduction of digestive problems
Increased weight gain in piglets
Easy start to weaning
Better adaptation to solid feed
Guarantees intake of all nutrients
Reading of consumption per cycle and batch
Saving of handling time
Easy management
Total control of the operation
Adaptable to any type of feeder
Low operatingcosts


The Porfeed multiphase feeding system offers a gradual feeding transition, mixing different types of feed, of different composition, to improve adaptation and reduce digestive problems.

The phases are determined by feed composition and days of supply. The change from one phase to another can be progressive, specifying the transition days. From the parameters set, the system automatically generates the feeding curves.
  • Farm mounted loading unit
  • PLC located in the electrical cabinet, from which the operating system can be run.
  • Chain distribution system with Porinox hermetic clamp
  • Inside of the Charging Unit


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